mr_steve (mr_steve) wrote in awesomexemo,

Name: Steve Nixon
Age: 16
Location: Milton Keynes
How did you hear about us/who invited you: Celleh XD
Code:"are you listening?"

Describe your personality: Im a pretty out going member ofthe group, im very confident, i can sometimes be very enigmatic, Only a very few ppl can tell what im thinking.
Hobbies:I Play Bass guitar, I like to think i can sing :P
Interests:Music, emo, alternative/indie, father ted, movies, playstation, final fantasy games <3 flirting, pulling the usual lol :P <33333
5 Favorite Movies:Donnie Darko, Reign of fire, The Truman Show, matrix's monty python's life of brian <3
5 Favourite Bands:brand new, avenged sevenfold, thrice, coheed and cambria, the juliana theory <3333
5 Favourite Songs:brand new - "i believe you but my tommy gun don't", brand new - "guernica", "!avenged sdevenfold - chapter four, thrice - deadbolt, thrice stare at the sun acoustic. saosin - seven days acoustic

What do you think about:
Abortion: I agree with it in certain points, i believe that if theyre both under age and have no hope then they should not have a child, but only if they understands the risk of abortion, aka the woman possibly not being able to have kids in the future.
Religion:Im not a religious type pperson, i see religion as being a way to answer questions that people are to afraid to venture into. blame everything on god *thumbs up*
Suicide:I personally don't like it. I know this will upset a few people probably but the majority of the time things get better, people who commit suicide are cowardly.
Self Harm:Is a way to release the pain in a moment. It can alsobe seen as a way to cry out for help because they cant express how they feel verbally.
Body Modification: Rely my opinion on the subject is void, altho i think people are beautiful the way they are.
Smoking:Ok for some but i personally wouldnt use it.
Drug abuse: ^^^^^^^^^^^^ same really.
Alcohol: I love to drink, just hate the mourning after :P

3 clear pictures of you:

geocities is fucking me off. real sorry.
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